As You Are

I am NOT a heavy photoshop editor. I will not alter your body shape, take away cellulite or wrinkles. I will pose you on your photoshoot to work with your body shape, but I will NOT edit you to make you look anything other than what your amazing self is right now in the present.  However, I will edit out those temporary blemishes that we happen to get that do go away. 

Why? Why won’t I slim you down or make you look a little younger? Because this goes against my movement and mission. My movement is to capture you AS YOU ARE today, right now, so you can lead, be empowered and show up. Today, not next week or months from now when you’ve lost those 10lbs or more, but today because people want to connect with you now. They don’t want to connect with your dream version of yourself, they don’t resonate with that version of you.

If you don’t show up today, then when will you show up? Reaching that best self is something that is in the future and your business is now, your clients are wanting to reach you and work with you now. Lead your clients as you are today!

I urge you to trust your photographer (maybe that is me, maybe not) to see you, the person you are now to capture and share you with YOUR people. While we will view the worst of ourselves others will see you. The people we want to truly connect with won’t see our faults, won’t see our insecurities, in fact they will support and applaud you for stepping up into the spotlight. If they don’t, guess what, you don’t want those people in your space anyways, so repel them with your authentic self.


As you are

Lead AS YOU ARE today!


woman sitting on window seat looking out window in seattle studio shuffling oracle cards for spiritual branding photos


Be seen.

Feel empowered.

Attract the people who see you.

Repel those who don't connect

with your authentic self.


A note about this photo, I am slightly self conscious about this photo. I'm at the biggest I've ever been in my life (minus my pregnancies), my whole life I've been very active and I played soccer from childhood to when I got pregnant. For the past year and a half I've been struggling with weight gain even though I've been doing HIIT 3x week, walking daily, working out 5 days a week and eating fairly well. I found out my thyroid has been way off and I'm on watch for developing an autoimmune disease.

While I am working on this part of my health journey, I still showed up and got in front of the camera to have these photos taken of me. Not only was I feeling body conscious but I also was sharing something I haven't shown to others, the self that is embracing my intuitive and spiritual self with the use of crystals, cards, herbs and new rituals. The header image is the card I pulled after this photo. Just as I received this message, you too need to see it as well "Step out of your comfort zone".

If this speaks to you, calls to you and resonates with you, then we maybe the right fit to connect!