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Hi, I'm Kristina and I help small businesses and entrepreneurs level up and connect with their target audience by capturing their stories as relatable and authentic people.

Because it is about more than just a headshot, it is about creating KNOW, LIKE and TRUST between you and your potential clients/buyers.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."- HELEN KELLER

I will

  • Guide you through the whole process
  • Save you time
  • Provide professional licensed images
  • Personalize and branded to you
  • Understand your brand with an extensive questionnaire
  • Prepare a customized shoot plan for your session
  • Coach you through poses & what to do during the shoot
  • Help you to select the outfits
  • Offer prop ideas and suggestions
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You are amazing the way you are right now and Your clients are ready to connect with you as you are today! Let's show them who you are!

What is lifestyle personal brand photography?

This is a combination of photo types, the headshots in conjunction with lifestyle imagery.

The headshot photos are of you smiling at the viewer of the image, so when they see your face and they can interpret who you are. These photos are good to use for profile images, about me pages and where people are going to be introduced to you. You want to give your audience the chance to see if they like you, want to work with you and can trust you to help them. You want to be able to establish the know, like and trust.

The lifestyle photos are going to be where we tell your stories, you working (at your computer, doing your craft...), doing hobbies, being in your favorite places, with your favorite people and just being in the moment. These photos will help to create connection with your audience by showing who you are because you are inviting them into your life. These photos will be great to use in your social media posts, websites, newsletters, blog post etc. During your session, both photo styles we be taken, to give you a collection of photos to use in your business.

Not sure what to ask a branding photographer?

Let me give you some guiding questions!

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Do your clients see you?

-Do they know what it is like to work
with you?
-Do your clients connect with you?
-Have you set a vibe and mood?
-Do your images support you?
-Are your images as professional
as your business?

Let's connect


Spend more time doing your business

For you I will create 30-90 days worth of consistent visual content for your social media needs. This will save you a lot of time taking your own DIY stock or selfie photos. You will then have more time to work on your business.

Why do I need a professional photographer?

Photography is an investment in your business. When you have professional images that are well light and authentic consistent images you are seen as a professional business.

Show case your passion for your business

Together we will plan out your session that is personalized to who you are and what you want to tell your target market. This is all about you and making your business stand out from the rest.

Let me find the angles

Unsure of being in front of the camera? Don't worry, it isn't my favorite thing either, but we will work together to create images that capture your smile in an authentic and candid way. I will direct you on things to do, places to put your hands, where to look, and help get into the right mood.

Why shouldn't I use my family's photographer?

Yes, a good photographer can still take good images for you, but my process is very detailed to fully understanding you and your business. I do get on a Discovery call with you to get to know you and make sure we will work well together. After you book me, I send you a very extensive and detailed questionnaire. Then I will create your project board all about your session, including our shoot plan and all the details about your shot. I prepare you with session guides and help with outfits and locations. I take you through the whole process, guiding you through the entire process so we nail the shoot that truly represents your business as you envision it.

More than just a headshot

Gone are the days of only meeting people face to face, so we need to present ourselves in a very real light. For lifestyle personal brand photography, I will take a mix of photos of you looking into the camera (headshot style), as well as interacting with your set (lifestyle). I want your audience to see who you are and we need more than just headshots to achieve this. 

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“You are the best brand, make it outstanding”

Are you ready to get started?

Let's connect and go over your photo session needs, wants and desires! We will discuss your brand with the questionnaire form I'll have you fill out. Then we will chat about contracts, pricing and get your session day booked!



“Kristina helped me prepare and execute my first photos for my business. While my food and research gets a lot of face was neglected on my website and in social media. Kristina helped me feel comfortable putting back on my chef coat and opening up my ritual space. As soon as I saw the proofs, I had immediate tears. She knows how to capture a mood, feeling, and the energy of what a business has to offer.”

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