Woman Business owner standing on bridge in Tacoma Point Defiance Rose Garden for Lifestyle Personal branding photo


Hi, I'm Kristina

I'm a PNW native, I was born in Seattle, WA and grew up in Maple Valley, WA and honestly I never wanted to leave this amazing and beautiful state. All my family is here and truthfully I don't mind the rain since it creates the breathtaking nature we get to experience every day just looking out our windows!

I love to take care and help people, it is the big sister to two younger sisters, wife, mother of 2 girls and 13 years of massage therapist in me. I've got a passion for reading, going green, making healthy natural life choices and taking photos of amazing people. While I've dabbled in a little bit of every genre I recently found and fell in love with the lifestyle personal brand photography. I want to help business owners, entrepreneurs, service based professional, coaches etc who value authenticity and want to showcase who they are to their target market. While being in front of the camera is not my favorite thing to do, but I do realize the importance of showing my face, my quieter, introverted, passionate, small group person personality to you my future client. I want us to connect and work well together.

Let's explore our lovely state and go on a hike, walk around a small or big city, visit a café and go to your place of business. Lets go on an adventure together!

But who am I?

  • I love books! I've got around 600 books and over 200 of them are signed by the authors (the bottom book on the table is signed it took me a few years to find a 1st edition hardback copy to get signed).
  • I love tea, especially loose leaf rooibos tea and chai tea lattes
  • Chocolate, chocolate CHOCOLATE !!!
  • My favorite crystal is Amethyst (also my birthstone) and Lapis Lazuli
  • Magnesium is amazing! Why?! Well I learned it helps with headaches and I've been a chronic suffer since I was young.
  • I eat my M&Ms is order of least favorite color to favorite color: brown, orange, yellow, green, red and lastly blue
  • My favorite movie of all time is Wizard of Oz
  • I'm working on reducing our waste use, I hate plastic packaging. Go green!

Lifestyle branding session in cafe with tea books and cake female business owner working on phone in Maple Valley, WA



“Working with Kristina has been incredible... I can wholeheartedly credit her photography for significantly improving my marketing, website, instagram, and more. She was able to portray my brand better than I could have asked and not only delivered lifestyle images of myself but also a curated collection of personal "stock" photos I've been able to integrate into so many aspects of my business. This is definitely a worthy investment for anyone looking to grow their business and truly portray their brand in”