Capturing you as your most authentic self... so you can elevate your business and build connection with your dream clients.

Hi, Kristina here the women behind the lens, a

Personal Branding Photographer

You’re ready to level up your photos, update those old irrelevant headshots, replace stock images and most importantly create authentic connections by showing up on your website, social media, newsletters and blog posts.

You’re more than just a headshot, you’re a multifaceted person that wants to draw in your ideal clients.

I focus on personal branding photography and working with business owners because I love helping you make your dreams a reality, service your people and bring in more money to do all the things that bring you happiness.

My greatest joy is seeing you use your photos and create your dream business with images that accurately represent YOU!

If being in front of the camera is scary, I challenge you to embrace that fear and do it! It took me 10 years as a hobby photographer to face my own fears and start this business. What scares you in business usually means you need to do it! 

I'm glad your here!
woman lifestyle personal branding photographer headshot photos holding camera at hip in Seattle, WA white studio

But who is Kristina, outside of a business owner?

  • I was born and raised in Washington, I love our beautiful state.
  • I'm the eldest of 3 sisters and also the shortest.
  • I'm a mother to 2 daughters.
  • I'm half Mexican and 2nd generation on my dad's side
  • Both my parents have big families and I love it! Around 50 cousins.
  • In February 2022 I retired from my 13 year massage therapy career.
  • I love books! I've got around 600 books and over 200 of them are signed.
  • Team Tea & Team NO cilantro (sorry, not sorry)
  • My favorite crystal is Amethyst (also my birthstone)
  • I'm in the process of learning tarot
  • Hocus Pocus every October!
  • I'm shy is large groups, but love the energy, you might have met me at one of the many networking groups I go to every month.
woman journaling "If you can't beat fear, just do it scared" personal branding lifestyle photo in Seattle, WA studio
woman business owner reading book for personal branding photo in Tacoma, WA
woman smiling at camera with sage cleansing smoke in hand smiling for personal branding photos in Seattle, WA
mom with 2 girls in park lifestyle personal branding photos for business owner woman photographer Seattle, WA
Girls cousin's trip to Fork, WA La Push 6 women standing by large tree in woods smiling for group photo

Kristina's Brand

my Mission



To help driven business owners elevate their images by showing up authentically AS THEY ARE today.

Building confidence

Taking action

You're not alone

my values



Dependable & Trustworthy

Elevate & Support Others

Enjoys the Journey

Diversity & Inclusivity

Community Over Competition

as you are



I encourage you to never wait for your ideal future self. People want to connect with you today! I want  you to...

Lead as you are.

Be seen as you are.

Feel empowered as you are.

Attract & repel the people who see you as you are.



“I loved my experience with Kristina and would highly recommend her to all my fellow entrepreneurs! The questions she asked about who I am, how I want my clients to perceive me and what I want to convey as a business owner was thorough and thoughtful. It definitely helped me also in determining what outfits I wanted to wear, how I wanted to pose and props I wanted to use. The day of the photoshoot was easy and effortless due to all the initial prep work. Best part is the pictures came out GREAT!”