Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and I've got answers

Are you light & airy or dark & moody?

No, my editing style isn't fully either of those. While I can edit lighter or a little darker my normal editing is trying to match true to life, but I can sway a little either way. I do use a consistent light on shoots and I can move it around to achieve different lighting looks. My portfolio is what I deliver to my clients (and I am constant updating my photo samples), if you don't see exactly what you're envisioning, then I'm not your photographer.

How much help do I get through the shoot?

I guide you through the whole process both before, during and after. You're never alone or doing it yourself. We will talk about it all, locations, props, outfits, having a client in your shoot and posing through the whole shoot.

Do you have a studio to shoot in?

No. I'm an on location photographer, meaning I come to your Washington state location to shoot. *See next question

How do I pick a location?

We will talk about this together to figure out what is the right on brand look for your business. Some space options are offices (rented or your space), houses (rented, yours or a friend/family), walking through the city, in the forest, cafe, at a park, just to name a few options. If you work in an office space or have a brick and mortar location then we will use that as one of the locations. If you don't have a office that is photographable, then we can rent a space that is on brand for you.

Some of this is also going to depend on the personal branding part of your business. For example, is going out in the woods and nature a part of what you want to share about yourself in your business? Yes, then we will find an outdoor spot. No, then it won't make sense to ever be walking through the woods.

What should I wear?

Wear the clothing that you normally wear, if you're not a dress person don't wear a dress. Each outfit is going to be specific to what you want to communicate in that set. From the boss outfits, to the business casual to cozy outfits, each outfit is going to be part of the storytelling within the scene. I have a few recommendations I give like wearing your branding colors or neutral colors that flow with your brand.

We will talk about your outfits on our video shoot call and you can show them to me. If you find you want more help then I can refer you do a stylist.

How do I use my images?

After the delivery of your photos I send a little guide with 11 ideas to use your new personal branding photos. Here are some ideas on where everyone tends to use their new photos.

  • On your website
  • On your social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram, reel covers... We always are needing updates, more and refreshed content and images to support what we are sharing about.
  • Newsletters, make those newsletters personable with the images from your branding photoshoot. Add a photo in the header or the signature of your newsletter.
  • Blog posts, add banner images or images that support the content of your blog post.
  • Create a media kit: do you present and need to share a "good" headshot of yourself for them to advertise.

Who are lifestyle personal branding photoshoots for?

If you find that you're images don't capture you

If you are tired of using the old headshots that you took years ago

If you're stock images aren't on brand and just place holders

If you want to create connections and build trust

If you want to speak to your ideal clients

Lifestyle personal branding photoshoots are for the businesses who want to be shown as real authentic and relatable people. We are more than just our headshots, more than just our logo, typography, our branding colors and our product or services. People connect with people and to connect with others we need to share a little about who we are. Your shoots are all about you and showing up within your business, we put a face to your business.

Will my photos be perfect?

The honest truth is I'm not a perfectionist, however I always try my best to see the hair flyaways, clothing doing odd things, random things in the background and so forth. Will photos be perfect? I can't guarantee they will be perfect, but I'll do the best to my ability to make them as great as they can be. I'm all about imperfect action and if you're here I hope you are too!

Do I need to loose weight before my photoshoot?

No! You are amazing just as you are today! Wearing the right fit of clothing (not loose and drapey clothing) and posing on photoshoot day will all help take away weight. I also want to remind you that we are our harshest critique and everyone who is viewing your images and seeing your smile isn't going to be seeing what you don't like about yourself. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Do you do trades?

No, I don't offer trades for my photoshoots. Lines can get blurry and while some have worked out wonderfully not all have.

How do I book a photoshoot?

Fill out my contact page, then we will get on a call to talk about you, your business and your photo needs.