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Lifestyle Personal Branding Photography

Photos with Personality

Lifestyle or storytelling personal brand photography is about showing your personality to your clients. I want the authentic you to show in your photos, while you do some "headshot" (looking at the camera) pose, but your session is going to be more than just the headshots. We can include you doing your business, creating your craft, working on computers/phones/planners, working in your environments whether they be at home or on location. I also want to get you doing things that describe who you are, if you love being outdoors, city, beach then let's go to that location. Do you have kids and want to connect with the other moms who will be buying from you, then lets add your kids and do a lifestyle shoot with your kids. Love to drink coffee or wine or make smoothies because health is important to who you are and who your ideal clients are, then let's capture a story explaining that. The possibilities are endless of what we can photograph for your session.

Let's tell your stories together!

seattle woman nutritionist cooking breakfast in kitchen
James Divine Seattle Palm Reader in session with client reading palm
home school mom working with kids on floor, Maple Valley, WA
Female woman business coach on live call in library office Bellevue, WA
female business coach in Downtown Bellevue Park standing with pink jacket for personal branding photo session
Allergy-friendly baker in Maple Valley, WA Sole Dolce for lifestyle branding photography in kitchen eating cookies wkids
Allergy-friendly baker in Maple Valley, WA Sole Dolce for lifestyle branding photography in home kitchen prepping cookie
Ava Pandit personal branding headshot photography in Seattle, WA for Barrs coach outside sitting on patio
Ava Pandit personal branding headshot photography in Seattle, WA for Barrs coach standing in livingroom by fireplace
woman reiki master branding photos in Woodinville, WA doing reiki work on client, hands hovering over stomach of client
woman reiki master branding photos in Woodinville, WA doing meditation in livingroom
woman reiki master branding photos in Woodinville, WA using smoke cleanse
woman of color personal chef business owner in home prepping meal cutting garlic in Maple Valley, WA
woman genealogy business in Everett, WA preparing food in kitchen
woman owned small business writing hand made thank you card for jewelry Verity & Co Designs
female lending office worker federal way WA at office desk branding head shot session
woman calligraphy handwritten on map business Maple Valley WA lifestyle branding and product session
female business owner sitting on couching bullet journaling Covington, WA videographer business owner
Woman sitting at kitchen drinking a cup of tea business owner coach
lifestyle personal brand session of woman owned youtube channel making videos for small business and how to use phone
PNW Apothecary black woman owned small business in Federal Way harvesting to make product smiling

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What is lifestyle personal brand photography?

This is a combination of photo types, the headshots in conjunction with lifestyle imagery.

The headshot photos are of you smiling at the viewer of the image, so when they see your face and they can interpret who you are. These photos are good to use for profile images, about me pages and where people are going to be introduced to you. You want to give your audience the chance to see if they like you, want to work with you and can trust you to help them. You want to be able to establish the know, like and trust.

The lifestyle photos are going to be where we tell your stories, you working (at your computer, doing your craft...), doing hobbies, being in your favorite places, with your favorite people and just being in the moment. These photos will help to create connection with your audience by showing who you are because you are inviting them into your life. These photos will be great to use in your social media posts, websites, newsletters, blog post etc. During your session, both photo styles we be taken, to give you a collection of photos to use in your business.

“I've come to believe each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint- and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it in a form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”