My List of Self Help Books

I'm a reader! I love reading, if you've followed any of my Instagram posts or stories, you'll see books mentioned. However I used to never touch self help nor anything non-fiction, it just wasn't my thing. One day I finally decided to try one, Quitter by Jon Acuff and it was the right book at the right time. That book made me realize my dream job was starting a photography business. While I wasn't sure exactly what that photography business looked like I knew I was going to figure it out. I personally didn't want to be the jack of all trades photographer, I wanted to niche into my genre and work only that. However, that took a few more years till I found branding photography and was ready to start working towards that dream. I've since then really dived into self help books and have found a love for them that I never thought possible. I still love my fantasy fiction stories and I'm usually reading one of each at all times. I take my time reading through a self help book, I want to be able to absorb it into my mindset. 

I should also probably say I used to be a book blogger and write reviews for books, and well that is how I'm also writing these book recommendations. What I like about these books you may not like and that comes down to personal preference, but I do think every book is amazing whether I like it or not, so I truly hate giving stars for books because it is subjective. My reviews are based on my take-aways and what I found amazing about them.

Here is my list of books that I've read and had my socks totally rocked! In no particular order.

Overcoming underearning by Barbara Stanny

This is a money mindset book, if you get this book I highly recommend either an eBook or physical copy and a journal. It does have a lot of journal prompts in every chapter and I suspect it would be challenging to do this book properly without working through those journal prompts. Now if you've done money mindset work with a coach you've probably already done many of the prompts but if you haven't and have a hard time charging your worth and want to do the work to overcome that you need to read this book!

I went through this book with a group and we had 1 week to read a chapter, do the prompts then report back how it went. This was a great way to tackle and be held accountable to do the work that goes along with this book.

book "Overcoming Underearning" by Barbara Stanny journal, pen, candle, fake fern and blue and white blanket: book rec

presense by Amy Cuddy

This book was fire and well it was also the last book I read so it is still very fresh in my mind. 

"Sometimes you have to get out of the way of yourself to be yourself."

"Don't fake it till you make it, fake it till you become it."

She does have a Ted Talk which led her to write the book. Go do a search about Amy Cuddy on YouTube and watch some of her videos, then decide if her talk lights a fire to learn more and strike a pose like Wonder Woman and become your boldest and best self. Honestly this is one of those books I would tell everyone to read, I'm sure everyone can find a few gold nuggets to help them with confidence, presence and authenticity.

So also does support what she is saying with a lot of research studies. This will be a reread for me.

self help book list recommendation Presence by Amy cuddy, on blanket, fake fern cup of tea and blue blanket
self help book list recommendation the magic of thinking big by joseph schwartz phd on blanket with cup of tea and fern

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D

This book is all about thinking big as the title says and mindset shifts to help you succeed. This is one of those books that I will reread. I was blown away by this book within the first chapter. I had to stop reading and write down this quote on the bookmark for the book. A lot of books that I've been reading have been about shifting your mindset, once you realize you can do something, you will do that something. Our minds are amazing powerful tools that we can utilize, we don't need to be a genius or have been top of our class. We need to have a will and a drive to work towards our goals and we need not have these low goals in life, but that we can aim high and look towards the stars. We are the only ones holding ourselves back from reaching our dreams!

"Practice uplifting self-praise. Don't practice belittling self-punishment." 

You Are a Badass & At Making Money by Jen Sincero

Her voice is hilarious and fun, it is a make no excuses this is the shit she has learned and been through with changing her mindset to abundance and being open to things coming to you. This is something I've been working hard on is changing my mindset from lack to abundance.

I've heard that the audiobook is even better since she reads it herself. So I would love to actually listen to both of them. These are well known books so I'm sure many of you have either read them or seen them before, if they been on your TBR, it is list time to read them!

self help book list recommendation You are a badass by jen sincero money mindset shifts, abundance on wood disk

Currently Reading

The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You by Lydia Fenet

I'm defiantly enjoying this read. A mix of lessons in her personal life and how they apply to a learning situation that you as the reader should also work towards striving for.

The Strike Method for example, hers is when she walks into the auctions podium and strikes down the gavel and giving her intro speech. Mine would be more subtle than that, but a confident simple quick intro to myself that I can repeat at any second.

self help book recommendation The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is you by Lydia Fenet cup of tea, candle, fern,blanket

On my to be read pile

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Undaunted by Kara Goldin

Not pictured since I just got it for a book club read

The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin

self help book list recommendation pile of book playing big, big magic and undaunted to be read pile with candle on top

Honorable Mentions (Still awesome reads)

The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 

Focuses on taking 1 task at a time, 1 goal at a time and not getting distracted by other less helpful tasks.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Fantastic book to help you understand, clarify and simplify your message with your brand. Highly recommend this for business owners who aren't working with a brand strategist and want to do it yourself. 

Profit First by Mike Wichalowicz

I honestly forgot about this one, because I've got it as an eBook (not the biggest fan of eBooks) and I need to get a physical copy. I think this book is amazing for business owners and everyone needs to read it. He makes a great point that you need to pay yourself first before you keep buying more for the business. Less is more and makes you be creative with the budget that is set. Business owners/entrepreneurs, must read this book!

self help book list recommendation stack of books with candle and fern as bookends

My little library of self help books is small but growing and I love it. I do highly recommend checking out you local bookstores and supporting local small business when you can. Buying used is another way to grow your library or even just borrowing from the library, which is great unless you're someone who like me then needs to buy the book after reading a library copy. Don't forget to check eBay as well, I've gotten a few of these used for around $5 on there. Then of course there is always Amazon, which is quick and easy way to get the book in a few days.

I hope I've given you a few book ideas to check out and read.

Do you have any book recommendations for me? I would love to hear them! Send me a message with those book recommendations, I love adding to my TBR piles, I can never have too many books on that stack. Well technically I probably can... nah, no I can't.