self care tips for business owners

Guest post by Carley's Acupuncture

#1 Create a habit to take some deep breaths  

Most of us know the wide array of benefits that come with deep breathing or belly breathing. In Chinese Medicine the air we breathe is one of the two components necessary for our bodies to continue making new energy (any guesses what the other is?). One of my favorite tips for busy business owners is to pick a task you do frequently like send an email, process an order, see a client, post on social media… and take about a 10 second deep breath before or after every time. Breath in through the nose for about 4 counts, hold for 1 and exhale out the mouth for about 4 counts, hold for 1. Your belly button, not your shoulders or chest, should rise and fall with your breath.


#2 Acupressure on the point Du 20

Du (pronounced ‘do’) 20 is located on the highest point of the top of your head just behind the level of the ears. This point is used to help regulate the head, meaning it can be used to help raise your energy and make you more alert if you’re tired during the day and to help ground your energy and calm your mind to rest if you’re overstimulated at night. Once you’ve found the point use your finger to put a comfortable amount of pressure on the area or even gently tap on the point. One of my favorite times to use this point is after screen time.


 #3 Have protein with your coffee

It’s no secret business owners tend to drink a lot of coffee. In Chinese Medicine coffee, even if it’s iced, creates Heat in the body and too much Heat often causes what we call uprising symptoms. Stress, anxiety and some headaches are great examples. After something rises up, it will fall back down and the caffeine crash is no exception. Having protein like eggs or a handful of nuts with your coffee will help prevent this cycle from starting. It nourishes what Chinese Medicine calls the Blood (similar but not exactly the same as blood from a Western perspective) and one of the Blood’s functions is to help energy stay grounded.   


 #4 Schedule self care time as a work task

You can’t pour into your business from your cup if it’s empty. Starting a business is a huge ordeal and is often very draining and time consuming, especially in the beginning. One of my key tips for business owners is to schedule some time for themselves on their calendar just like they would any other necessary task to keep their business running. Even just 15 minutes a week of quiet time, stretching, chatting with a friend, a walk outside or whatever nourishes you will make being a business owner so much more sustainable in the long term. You can’t keep your cup full if you don’t prioritize self care and if your cup is running too low how will your business stay nourished? 

Business owners what do you think about these self care tips? I've been working on adding in my own little breaks during my computer desk time. I try to drink a whole lot of water while I'm sitting at the computer, that way I've got to take a break and get up to go to the bathroom. My previous career was a massage therapist and the most common workers I got on my table were desk workers. Sitting at the computer, stationary all day long is very hard on our body. Making my own transition to less movement has been hard, but I'm constantly thinking of ways to move my body during the day. I love to take walks and I'll walk the kids to and from school every day. Just recently I added an evening stretch/gentle yoga routine before bedtime.

What are you doing for your self care? Especially during the holidays and sick winter season, we really need to be in touch with what our body is feeling and treat it accordingly. We've only got one body so treat it with love and care!

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