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Guest Post by Polly Sla

It’s no secret that showing your audience who you are is the key to creating a great first impression, building relationships, and helping you stand out. (Spoiler alert: Stock images will not help grow your business!) I understand that a brand photoshoot is a big investment, which is why it is best to work with someone who specializes in brand photography and takes time to research the ins and outs of your business.

Sure, having a DIY photoshoot or working with a non-brand photographer can save you money. However, there are some important things that you may forget to include in your photoshoot.

Here are some common brand photography mistakes that I see:

1.There are a large number of photos with a random or busy background that is not related to your business (such as a field of flowers, nature, selfies, etc.)

Yes, these photos may look beautiful when displayed on a frame, but you have to think about what kind of message you want to send when you’re using it for your website. Does it display professionalism? Will it help you attract the right clients? These are some questions you need to ask yourself when choosing which photos to put on your website.


2.There are no horizontal photos where you’re on one side of the frame so that text or copy can be easily placed on the image.

Here’s an example of why this is crucial: If you want to add text over an image, it is better to have your body on the right side of the picture and place text on the left side. If your body is positioned in the center of the photo, the text will most likely cover your body and will be hard to read.


3.Lack of a mix of horizontal and vertical photos that can work well with a web page design.

When you have a mix of horizontal and vertical photos, it makes it easier for your web designer to have several photos to choose from to create a strategic design that flows with your website copy. Photo orientation plays a big role on where you can place your headlines and paragraphs. If you have too many photos that are oriented one way, your site may look cluttered and difficult for viewers to read and navigate through.


4.Missing a combo of close up and distant photos. (i.e. headshots, half or full body shots)

This is similar to my previous point. Having a variety of different kinds of photos to choose from will help improve your overall website flow and make it easier to view.


5.You don’t have photos where you are smiling directly at the camera.

This is when working with a brand photographer comes in handy! I understand that smiling straight at a camera can feel awkward but these types of photos help create a connection with your audience. You don’t just want photos where you’re looking in other directions or can’t see your eyes. A professional brand photographer will help you feel comfortable so that you can capture photos that will make your website viewers want to learn more about you!


Remember, a brand photoshoot takes lots of time, research, and planning because you want to make sure your photos can be used strategically on your website to market your brand. Make sure you keep these important things in mind when planning your next photoshoot!

YES!! I love all of these tips directly from a web designer Polly Sla. Web designers and branding photographers can easily work together on building your website. She or any other web designer knows the exact images that are needed to build your site. Working in tandem makes website building even easier, they can provide the exact image ideas that they want for your website and then I capture what they are wanting. It is a beautiful relationship working with another professional to help you nail both your website and photos.

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Polly is a Seattle based brand and web designer. She builds beautiful and strategic websites for success-driven health and wellness professionals. Her goal is to help business owners save time and increase their online visibility and bookings by creating websites that turn website viewers into raving clients.

You can connect with her on Instagram (@pollysla), LinkedIn, or her website pollysla.com.

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