A Mini Branding Session (but not)

Everyone understands what a mini session is, typically it is a shorter time block with the photographer around 20-30 minutes is the average and a smaller number of images delivered usually anywhere from 5-15. These are meant to be a smaller investment. A lot of times they are typically themed, you see that a lot with family mini sessions, holiday themed photoshoots. For personal branding it mostly is a great chance to get an update and refresh of photos at the location they have booked.

How are this Adventure Field Trip similar and different than the traditional mini sessions.

(Let's shorten the Adventure Field Trip Photoshoot to AFTP)

Mini Session: Time block of 20ish minutes with the photographer

AFTP: No specific time block with me. We will all (max of 5 people) meet at the same time in the parking lot of the location. Then we will all walk together through the trail and stop at spots that I see inspiration or a spot that grabs your eyes. Everyone will take turns in that location, if draws you, if not then the next area might.

Mini Session Intention: Stay on time, make sure everyone arrives on time, connect as quick as you can, get all the photos done quickly. NEXT. This is not to knock this setup, I think they are great and every session type has their time and place!

AFTP Intention: Let things flow and happen organically. Bring others together and let them also connect in this experience. Support the others by taking small little videos on their phone to use as later nature content. I want this to be a time where we all connect together in our love for nature and how it brings us joy. And let nature inspire us!

Mini Session Variety: With the small time blocking usually you've got a small area to work within, so you can't go too far from the meeting spot.

AFTP Variety: This is all about getting variety within nature. Each location will have both wooded areas as well as a water elements. There is going to be a lot of options on these trails! And you can bring any props you wish to interact with. If you want to do an outfit change, I just recommend it be simple and something that can be done in nature.

What Inspired This Session Idea

I have 2 sessions that I took for business owners where we took their sessions outside in nature.

For Kerry's session we went to "Gateway" Suspension Bridge in North Bend. We walked all around and found some stunning areas to take photos at. I personally love mossy areas, so my favorites are all the photos in the moss. She brought a few different props with her, her business is drum making classes as well as doing sound healing and reiki energy healing sessions.

For Elaine's session we took photos at O.O. Denny trail in Kirkland we kept it more yoga poses, some sound healing and fun at the beach.

After these sessions I was so energized doing what I love, photographing business owners and then add being in nature! Especially after Elaine's session where we used 2 locations, getting those indoor photos and then taking it outside. I wanted to do more outdoor sessions for business owners, so I decided to create the opportunity for me to create photos outside of business owners and business owners to get images of themselves, in stunning outdoor locations.

The Adventure Field Trip Photoshoots are being born!

Who Are These Sessions For?

While I'd love for everyone to get photos outside in nature, since this is intended for business owners, this session isn't for everyone!

This session is for the business owner who have a content pillar of nature within your brand. Maybe it is on the personal side and you're always talking about taking hikes or walks in nature after your off of work. Or if part of your business is very guided by wellness, nature and grounding. Spiritual business such as (but not limited to) reiki, energy and sound healer. Wellness practitioners that talk about total body wellness and getting outside like yoga instructors, nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors.. I'm probably missing a whole lot of other business owners, but I'm blanking at the moment.

The point is, this is for businesses who want to share their love for nature with their current and future clients. These businesses want to CONNECT and find that common ground of being outside in nature. A part of their story is being outside, maybe not for the actual business tasks, but being outside at some point is something they love to talk about!

Are you feeling inspired by these images and want to be photographed in nature?!

Session Details for Adventure Field Trip Photoshoot

I've decided to plan both a Kirkland photoshoot location and North Bend location.

Kirkland will be on 6/12 meeting at 10:30am

North Bend will be at 6/30 meeting at 10am

These sessions will have a max of 5 business owners DON'T WAIT! North Bend has only 2 openings left!

Investment is $295+ tax for 11 images and option to purchase more after viewing your selecting gallery.

After you've filled out the questionnaire I'll be sending you an email, calendar invite and then an invoice to pay and reserve your spot. This can also be the the time to jump on a wait list or my email list for the next time.

What if these days don't work? Or spots filled up before you could sign up? Don't worry I probably be planning another session like this in the fall, possibly early fall before rain sets in too much.

Do you have questions about this session?

You're welcome to message me, email me or we can hop on a call and chat to see if this is right for your business.