Lifestyle Personal Branding Session with a Business Coach and Educator

Jacque approached me with a need of updated head shots and photos to use on her Instagram account. Jacque had a few requests of photos that she needed and wanted. She wanted to share her home life and values with her target market, she wanted to be able to connect with those people who value natural and health conscious living. She has been able to work through some health issues by cleaning eating and changing a lot of dietary habits. Jacque wanted to somehow show her clean eating choices with a kitchen setting of cutting up and making an item. She needed some photos of her working on her phone, laptop, both in her office set up and around her kids. Since she has two little girls, baby age and 3 years old, she wanted to show her working around her kids. Jacque is working on trying to balance her business career, being a mother, eventually homeschooling, and living a healthy natural life. Jacque "teaches heart centered entrepreneurs how to build a profitable online business through mindset, marketing, customer experience" you can find her here.

While my favorite photos of the session were some with her children, she has asked that I not share those photos on my accounts. I completely respect and honor that request. Even when we were discussing what she wanted for her session she specially requested that her children's faces not be shown in the photos. I told her that was something that could easily be done by having the back of the heads of the kids and also kids being out of focus and soft in either the background or foreground. We got some adorable photos for her to use on her accounts when she wants to talk about being a business woman and also dealing with motherhood as well.

The day of the session we started with the kitchen setting since her youngest had just nursed and was being worn by daddy, we took advantage of the kid free time to get her individual photos done. She chopped up celery for a few photos, which she just tossed to the side for her to make something with them later and then she prepared a honey lemon water that she drinks daily. After the kitchen counter photos, we moved over to the kitchen table with the plans to get photos of her working in her journal and planners. I also set a self help book on the table near her and made sure we included a drink in the photos for the casual everyday look of something she normally does. 

After the kitchen we quickly transitioned to her upstairs desk look. Jacque doesn’t always use this setting because of kids, but she occasionally does when she needs to have kids not involved especially when she is chatting with a client. Then we moved back downstairs into the living room/play room where she could nurse her baby and we could do more casual business photos of her working while around her kids. 

Lastly we went outside, leaving kids with dad once again and we took a little walk to a nearby park and walking area to take photos outside. I did a few more posed head shot type photos there as well as some very fun jumping photos that she intends to use for celebrating her clients wins. 

For a lifestyle personal branding session it is easy to get a very diverse set of photos with just a few small location changes even within your own house. For Jacque her “office” is in her home working around her kids and she wanted to feature that space she has made for her working and family life. If your business is done in a coffee shop or office, let's take them in that setting. Do you value nature and working out, then let's feature you doing those types of things that you want to share with your target market and clients. Do you have a family and want to share about them or prefer to share fun time with friends having a drink? For personal branding sessions they are tailored to meet your specific needs. When you message me and are interested in working with me, I will send you my questionnaire to fill out to help me with determining your wants and needs for your session. Let’s get started today, fill out my contact form and I’ll reply back to you.

“Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

Woman business coach cutting celery in kitchen for lifestyle photo shoot
woman business owner sitting at kitchen table drinking lemon water
woman business owner drinking lemon water while working on business planning
woman business owner sitting at desk on computer with mic and succulent plant on desk
woman owned business working at home on computer while kids play
Business owner female sitting at park bench for personal branding photos
business woman owner jumping in park to celebrate win
personal branding session with woman business coach