Preparing for a Lifestyle branding and product photography session

Each client needs something different from their personal branding photography session. This is why I do a very extensive planning with each and every client to figure out exactly what they need from their session. This is also a big indicator how a branding photographer is going to be different from a portrait photographer and even a headshot session. A personal branding session is completely tailored and specific to your brand, your personality and your aesthetic. 

Once a client decides to hire me as their photographer I will ask first to create a Pinterest board and fill out an extensive questionnaire. After all of that is done, I create a Trello aka project managing board and we schedule a video call for our shoot planning. If you’re interested in getting a head start and pulling all of the things together before your branding photoshoot download my Shoot Planning Guide

The shoot planning video call is when we plan what your session will look like. I get the details and specifics to what you're wanting and needing. I share creative ideas that I have for photos. We talk about your outfits, create a prop list and even plan out a general timeline of the order for each photo set. 

Your session is always a collaborative process with me as your guide. I use my knowledge of lighting, posing, positioning and editing to get the images. I want to help you level up and increase your own sales because you’ve shown yourself as the go to expert that has created personable, real and authentic connections through your images. This is why I’ve always said you need more than just a headshot, you need to show know, like and trust and this is easier with more than just one smiling image of yourself. 

When owners Grace and Trevor of Grace & Able came to me they had worked with other photographers so they knew the general process. However everyone is unique including how I work with my own clients. They had a very solid idea of what they were wanting and needing for their brand. They knew they needed more “in use/action” aka lifestyle shots of their product, a compression sleeve for arthritic hands being used by women AND men. 

Grace gave me a list of shots she wanted

-Female hands with closed arthritis warrior gift box

-Female hands opening arthritis warrior gift box to show wrapped items

-Female hands taking items out of arthritis warrior gift box

-Female hands in compression gloves (plum purple) on a device / iPad or keyboard

-female hands in compression gloves holding wool or some other crafting item

-female hands in compression gloves painting nails

-male hands in compression gloves opening fridge door

-male hands in compression gloves on keyboard / using device

During the shoot I got inspired to add

-Man writing with pen in notebook

-Woman writing in journal

-Woman holding coffee mug

-Woman putting on gloves to knit and gloves “sitting” in knitting box

During the shoot planning she mentioned doing a few traditional product photos of the gift box set she sells. That was planned as doing an "unboxing" photo by photo. Our intention with all of the lifestyle products were intended to be faceless models with a focus on the gloves and what people can do while wearing the gloves on their hands.

Grace also needed updated headshots of both her and Trevor individually and together, with a focus on her since he will be stepping back to just being the Dr. and specialist, while she will be the business owner. We had talked about adding the sewing machine and fabric samples while on our shoot planning call. Originally I was thinking this would look a little different, but changed it around on the shoot day.

Sometimes the plan is fluid and you have to let it flow the way it is going to flow. 


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