The beginning of something amazing!

Let me preface this with this post is copied and pasted from my hobby photography page. This is where it all started! After this session I learned with lifestyle personal branding was and I fell in love with everything about it. I became intrigued with learning everything I could about this genre. I even finally realized that this is what I want to focus on in my photography business. It has been an exciting and scary few months coming to terms with my plans to let go of my fear of failing and finally start planning my photography business that I've been dreaming about.

It's always best to start at the beginning...

What happens with you have 3 creative friends?! Well this is what happens a three way project of one photographing, one filming and one making hand made jewelry. Then you got the photographer being videoed of taking photos and the filmer getting photos taken of her making her video. I even a photo taken of the filmer taking video of the crafter taking a product photo...are you with me on that one, because it is a little hard for me to grasp how to write what happened in that photo. Anyways, this was about 3 moms wanting to get together to do personal projects and help out a fellow new local business work from home mom (WAHM). 

Who is who?

Kristina, me the photographer, I wanted to take photos of Alexis making jewelry and take a few photos of Anna taking videos.

Anna, the videographer is doing a "People's Passions Project" where she makes creative/artistic videos of people doing what they love. She wanted to make videos of me doing my photography thing and Alexis doing her thing.

Alexis, new small business owner of Verity & Co Designs and she was our willing but nervous subject. 

Alexis has set up one of her rooms in her house as her studio. The space is wonderful, amazing huge window that lets is so much lovely light. The lightening made photographing for me and filming for Anna so easy. When you walk right through the door you're greeted with a little sign saying "Inhale, Exhale, Namaste..." the room has lots of natural light as well as neutral colors, it just is a very wonderful space. Along the doorway wall she has her product photography station table set up, she used a baby changing table to do it. Honestly it is genius and a great way to re-purpose those table since you never seem to actually use them to change babies.

Over to the opposite wall there is her actual work station, another little 3 shelved cart that houses all the stamps and bracelet pieces. In the opposite corner is a chair that has her orders notebook. Right in the of the room is a baby mat with toys, because being a work at home mom means you have to work around the kids. Currently she is using a metal stool at her actual stamping table, but that is being changed out for a wooden stool, so it will make less noise and she can work easier while kids are napping, stamping on a metal table gets noisy. 

While Anna I were taking our photos and videos of the space, Alexis was working on getting little Verity down for a nap. Of course both of us being the moms we are and loving to capture those special moments between mom and baby we paused to capture those moments. Since she is a nursing mom to get little Verity to sleep she rocked her and ended up nursing her and then she was out and able to lay her down. Alexis company was founded during her 2nd pregnancy, while she was high risk and she needed a creative outlet and way to share her positive words of encouragement with other moms. 

After both Anna and I took our photos and videos of the space and baby Verity was asleep, Alexis got to work on two pieces I commissioned her to make me. I've been eyeing her bracelets for some time now, but it took a little bit till I knew what I wanted for my pieces. The first and simplest one to choose was a rose bracelet. Just simple roses and leaves on there. Next was one that was a little harder to finalize because choosing the right font isn't always easy. She currently has 6 fonts to choose from and I choose to use her "Spirited" font and it would say "Breathe. Just breathe." As a mom I always feel I'm saying this phrase to myself after my kids are pushing my buttons. Also this particular quote reminds me of the Drew Barrymore's Ever After, she says it just before descending into the craziness to meet the prince at the ball and she is dressed in this amazing dress and wings. 

It was fun to photograph and watch her process. I enjoyed watching Anna set up her shots and photograph her as well. I got some fun photos of her videoing. Once the bracelets were all made she took some product photos of my bracelets so she can share on her social media avenues, Facebook and Instagram

Once she was all done with all the bracelet making part, I then had her sit down so I could take some photos of her in her space to share on to her about me business page. After that I wanted to take her out and into her living room, where once again I found lovely window light and I had her pose for me and get a lovely photo of her. 

Lastly we finished we a group photo back in her work room. That day was so much fun, we all did our creative thing, all laughed a lot and bonded about our shared experiences of being a mom and having so much do to. After we were all done since we ended up going out for food for a very late lunch. It was a perfect day! Also have to give a shout out to my youngest sister for watching the girls while I did this and the husband watched a Sounder's game. Thanks sis!

Please go check out Anna's video here and see for yourself what she created. You will be seeing more posts with this stuff. We are having so fun collaborating together. We are currently planning another session but the next time shooting some products being modeled. I love projects like these! Well for now please enjoy the photos I took and check out everything!!