Hand Stamping Party at Liv & Rory

In November 2019 Alexis of Verity & Co Designs started to offer more than just custom orders, she decided to start offering Sip and Stamp parties. She first started offering at a Puyallup Boutique called Liv & Rory and now she will book private parties as well as other location venues.

In November I was able to attend her second event and photograph during that fun little party. Being a mother of a little very dependent little one she brought little Verity with her and just wore while she showed, helped, encouraged and finished the attending ladies projects. It was fun to chat with some of the ladies and ask what inspired their piece. They are so personal and meaningful, many had children's names and/or dates, meaningful quotes and symbols shared between two best friends, things to symbolize their favorite things in life and many more project inspirations.

Watching everyone create their own pieces made me want to create one for myself as well. I've had a few custom pieces ordered from Alexis, but eventually I want to plan to host an event with my own friends and family for us to do this together.

Having the boutique hosted at Liv & Rory was a perfect cute little venue. Ladies shopped around the store before the event started and after they were done. Which if you haven't been into this location you should stop by and check it out, lots of cute clothes and other locally made items. Their was a table set up for snacks and cider to have during the event, which the cider was really tasty.

The event was a lot of fun to be at and photograph, the energy was very upbeat and the ladies loved the personalized jewelry they made for themselves.

How have these photos been used for Alexis's business? And how would event photos be used?

Part of Alexis's business is now doing events, both these sip and stamp parties as well as craft shows. She is using these photos to share with her future potential clients what she can offer them. Her clients already know they can order from her and have her make a piece but now they can make their own piece and have a fun time doing so with friends. She has used these photos to advertise her next up and coming event, use them in stories to add hype to the coming event and just generally tell this story of her business and what she can offer.

Do you have a business that has a booth at a craft fair or also have your own version of these sip and create events? Could you use photos to document this facet of your business? Do you want to share this part of your business with your clients?

Message me and lets chat about how I can help you get photos to use for your own business marketing needs!

Want to see Verity & Co Designs very first session we did together, the session that started my love for Lifestyle Personal Brand Photography? Check out her previous blog post here!

Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory different stamp fonts on table
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory display table at shop
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory both owners conversing with child and dog in arms
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory drinks and snacks for event
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory finished jewelry for inspiration
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory stamps and inspiration sign
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory woman owners talking and explaining event in shop
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory table of jewelry making options
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory explaining to attending ladies
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory helping woman design her own custom jewelry
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory owner Alexis holding daughter at event
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory owner talking to woman helping her finish her custom designed piece
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory woman picking pieces to add to their personalized jewelry
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory woman owner finishing off piece with a tool
Sip and Stamp party Liv & Rory helping woman finish off a jewelry piece