Lifestyle Personal Branding Session

of Anna Kincaid Productions

Anna and I chatted about what she needed and wanted for this session. Last time we did a session that was outside, doing in action type shots of her using her mobile film making equipment. She needed specific photos that showed her camera phone equipment for future and prospective clients who hire her know that she is using a camera phone. Like all photographers and filmmakers, we all say, it isn’t about the equipment it is about the knowledge to use anything you have. She also wanted to update her banner on her YouTube channel and a few editing in a cafe shots. That is what we focused on in her last session. 

For this session she wanted to focus on what she does in her home for her business and get those lifestyle shots there. The stories she wanted to have conveyed in this session were mostly working in her in home office space. Anna is a very good artist and a very creative mind. She painted her wall and picked out very bright and cheerful furnishing to decorate her space with, it is a very amazing space to be in. She wanted to share herself bullet journaling, which is how to keeps track of her video shot lists as well as any of her personal and business, goal and plans. We also got some laid back photos her being herself sitting on her office floor space, I wanted to capture her authentic fun personality and get her miss matched crazy socks in there as well.

In her office space she also wanted to have some photos of a behind the scenes style photos of her making a YouTube video. She set up her desk in front of the balcony door for the video filming and I walked around her while she talked about her Moments Lenses that she uses on her cell phone to take videos of her clients and personal projects. You can find her YouTube videos here.

Since Anna is a very creative person herself, she had this vision of a photo that she requested I try to take. Her concept was laying on the ground with her mobile filming gear coming out of her bright colored hair. I believe she also has some editing herself that she wants to add the photo, which she does have permission to do with these personal branding session photos of hers. For my edit I tried to give it that grungy and contrast look for her. The photo is still really fun and cool, but it will be fun to see what she finishes the photo off with. After that I took a few photos of her filming gear and she brought in some of the things that represent her to give her a few flay photos to use. She provided me with a whole pile of options that represent her including all her Moments gear, bullet journal, pens, art supplies, amethyst crystals, glass water bottle, bracelets and favorite necklaces just to name a few of the items I picked.

While I was in her office taking these flat lay photos, she was preparing for a client meeting she had set up with a party planning business that wants to have a video made of her setting up her own parties. She conducted the consultation in her dining room area. While they were chatting about what she wanted and needed for her business video I just walked around and took photos at different angles. Lastly I finished up with taking a few photos of her on her phone in the kitchen while her kids played in the kid room. We had to get a few normal life photos of working around the kids and with the kids mess all along the kitchen counter.

We do have another session in mind for next time to get photos of her doing home schooling with her kids, probably a meal time in there as well as something outside in nature with her three daughters to feature their daily home life. There are a lot of stories that can be told as a business owner to share with your clients, audience and target market. You may not realize how many different things we can easily feature you doing in your photos. You can give me a very detailed specific shot idea list or it can also be very general and broad. It is my job as your photographer to find the angle, make suggestions on where to look and emotions to convey.

Send me a message and lets chat and figure out photos that you need for your business. Let me take photos of you being yourself so you can connect with your target market.

If you want to find Anna and chat with her about making your own business video you can find her on Instagram or Facebook.

Mobile Film Maker laying on floor with camera lens gear coming out of wild color hair
Mobile Film Maker lifestyle branding shot of woman business owner sitting on floor laughing holding empty mug in office
Mobile Film Maker sitting on ground in home office while working on home laid back personal branding shot
Mobile Film Maker lifestyle branding shot of sitting on couch working in bullet journal while in home office space
Mobile Film Maker woman business owner working in home office space working on bullet lifestyle personal branding
Mobile Film Maker writing in bullet journel with colorful hair in a lifestyle personal branding session
Mobile Film Maker setting up phone to make a YouTube video in home office
Mobile Film Maker setting up phone to make a YouTube video
Mobile Film Maker making a YouTube video in home office talking about her Moments lenses she uses
Mobile Film Maker making a YouTube Video in home office talking about Moments Lenses at desk in home office
Mobile Film Maker making a YouTube video in home office talking about Moments Lenses in a lifestyle personal branding
Mobile Film Maker describing personality triangles crystals bullet journal phone glass water bottle moments lenses
Mobile Film Maker flat lay of moments lenses bullet journal crystals bracelets art water
Mobile Film Maker Moments lens gear on a stone with triangles that represent her brand
Mobile Film Maker consultation in home chatting with a client about what she needs for her business two woman business