How do you go about picking the right locations that are going to be perfect for your next branding photoshoot?

First start by asking yourself what stories are you want to show? For a longer explanation about stories check out this blog post that I wrote. Basically understanding your stories will help lead you to pick your locations. 

Where do you work? Do you have an in-home office space? Do you go to an office space to work or a favorite coffee shop? Picking an indoor location where you do the bulk of your work at, is the best place to start when picking sets. However if the space isn’t photographable even after a bit of tidying up and staging there are other options, like a space rental or asking a friend to use their space could be an option as well. There are many different space rentals in Tacoma and Seattle areas. But tidying up the home office space or even a corner of your house is a perfect set to do indoor images at. 

Many times a home can have a few great spots to photograph in. For example, if you have a dedicated office space in one of your rooms for the professional working images. A living room couch space to show some laid back and relaxing images. Then also the kitchen area, this is especially great if one of your stories is food or health. If baking/cooking is your office space, then definitely using the kitchen space is a must. 

Think about what your home provides to you? If your home also fits your branding look, it is a perfect place to start. However, if your branding is light and airy but your house is all dark woods or bright colors, it wouldn’t be the ideal space to photograph your branding session at because it wouldn’t match your branding look. Choose your indoor working space first. Make sure it can fit your brand aesthetic.

Now moving on from your home space, whether it fits or doesn’t let's generate other ideas outside of home. We come back again to the first question, “What are my stories I’m wanting to convey to my clients?” After stepping out of the work space we then step into our personal space and personal stories that we show connection and camaraderie. Locations are a stepping stone to building know, like and trust. Getting out into the community and showing your favorite spaces to others is a perfect chance to build those connections. Grabbing a coffee from your favorite local coffee shop, walking on the beach, down a hiking trail, or enjoying your city. Being your authentic self and showing your passions for life in these other spaces that mean something to you. 

Pick outdoor locations based on what you plan to share and talk about with your clients/customers. Some examples of why my clients choose their locations; one client wanted to photograph at Owen Beach in Tacoma, because that was her favorite place to be and relax at. Another client wanted to feature the town (downtown Puyallup) she lives in. While another client wanted to get outside and walk around her neighborhood with her dog like she always does. 

Choosing locations is like choosing the clothes you will wear, it is just as vital and important to nailing the shoot. Locations are another key element that I help guide you through when you work with me. I won’t let you do this all by yourself, I’ll hold your hand as much or as little as you need me to. When we chat, we will start figuring out ideas about potential locations that are perfect for your stories. We will work together to finalize your shot location(s).

Ready to start figuring out what location to shoot at for your branding shoot in Seattle, Tacoma, Maple Valley or even up north on a beach in Bellingham? Fill out my contact form and let's start chatting about what you need!

2 business woman sitting at kitchen table discussing plans in Auburn, WA
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