Having a “client” as part of your Branding session

Do you have a business that is in-person with a client? And you want to show this in your branding photography session. Let’s talk about what this would look like for you during your session. The things that we prepare for and do with the “client” part of your session.

Picking your “client” to be in your branding shoot

First let’s talk about who to ask to step in and be your client. We want this client to fit within your ideal and target market. This person(s) are ideally going to be the visual of your client avatar. If you mainly work with women between x-x ages, asking your male significant other isn’t going to be the right choice. We want your clients to imagine they could easily see themselves in that photo. We want them to want to experience what she or he is experiencing with you. 

Typically it is easiest to ask friends or even family members if they could be your stand in client for the session. Most people though have asked a friend that they know will be supportive and wants to help you succeed in your business. Pick someone that is your ideal person as well as someone who is going to be dependable. 

This supportive, ideal and dependable person is ready and excited to help you succeed. Now we need to help them help you succeed. I’ll typically start with photographing their part first, this is usually easiest when planning our start time to have them show up right around the time that I also show up or shortly after. We will get the the client story photographed first.

After the “client” session is done, I like to recommend and ask that they can take a few behind the scene photos or short video clips of us on your phone. These are fantastic to add hype to what you're doing on social media. People love to see BTS (behind the scenes) stuff, it is an exciting process to include others in. 

Clothing Recommendations

Lastly we will also tell them what types of clothing to wear. I try to make it simple for the client, we don’t need them investing in new clothes as a favor to you. It is usually easiest to tell them to wear something that supports your branding colors and aesthetic. We also want their clothes to be solid colors or neutrals. Nothing distracting or busy that will take the eye away from what we want to tell in the photo. 

This clothing recommendation would also be the same if you are having your family included in your branding photoshoot. 

The client portion of the photoshoot is meant to support you. You are the hero of your business and the reason for clients picking you. The clients are meant to be a symbol and a representation of your target market.

Below are samples of friends being asked to be the "client" for their friend.

James Divine palm reader

James wanted his mood to be lighter and bright so we asked his neighbor/client to wear neutral brighter clothing for his "in-person" palm reading sessions. His goal was to show palm reading in the safe and happier light and not the doom and gloom.


Jennifer Witten Reiki Master

Jennifer asked her friend to be her client. We wanted the lighter aesthetic as well. She brought a few outfits to pick from and we went with this sweater. We had 2 parts to her client photos, part one was the intake and them just sitting and getting information. The second part was this table part. She wanted to share what the client experience looks like when someone receives her Reiki work.


Leah at Wildfire genealogy

Her aesthetic was a little different than the above two. Hers was a little moodier, using window light and letting shadows be a part of the image. It compliments and is cohesive to her vibe. Leah wanted to show what her work looks like when she has clients and she asked 3 supportive women to help her complete her vision. She has multiple parts of her business, part of it being group rituals, in person work and a countertop confessionals.


female genealogist and chef baking for friends in home kitchen for branding photos in Everett, WA business owner

How to add your family into your sessions

When do you add your family into your PERSONAL branding sessions? The keyword is the personal part, we want to also personalize your session to you. You want your clients to know, like and trust you. We want to create common ground to create connections between you and them. If a big part of your story and life is your family and it also resonates with your target market than adding your family into your shoot is ideal.

However, not everyone wants to share photos of their kids on the internet and that is ok, if you want them to be in your images, but not actually showing their faces, we can do that. I did a session like that. I took images of the back of the daughters head, her out of focus in the background and running through the kitchen and even including the mess of toys in the image to share the story of mom business owner. I won't share any of these images on my pages, because she has asked that I not and I respect that request 100%. But trust me they are adorable and I love them.


Kawai a homeschooling entraprenuer podcast mom

Kids can always be a little more interesting to dress. Notice how they all have solid shirts on and a mix of darker and lighter colors. As mom who's business is supporting other mom's she needed include her kids in her photos. You're going to trust this mom's homeschooling advice since she has 5 kids she is working with.


Crystal a allergy friendly baker

With Crystal I first started off photographing her products, but what she also needed was to show who she was as the baker. She showed her process, the cookie making and also the part of being with her kids. A piece of her why in her business story. This was a fun smaller interactive shoot with the kids. When adding little kids into your stories it is best to keep it short and simple with something to do and interreact with.


Training with Nikki and her family

Part of Nikki's target market is the busy post-partum mom since she herself is post-partum with her first little boy. She can relate with her ideal clients since she herself is in that stage. For her session she wanted to show how relatable she is to those woman by adding her baby and husband into parts of the shoot.


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