Branding & Bliss Retreat

 6 women business owners are invited to spend 3 nights at the Secret Garden Estates in Stanwood, WA

from May 30th- June 2nd 2024

Elevate your personal branding photos with Kristina Pearl Photography.
Ignite your personal health and wellness with Laura Mak Quist.

  • Nourishing meals will be provided
  • Mini personal branding photoshoot including 13 photos of your choice
  • A 90 day customized wellness plan, fitness, strength and recovery plan
  • Mediations, yoga, forest walks, guided journaling
  • Lots of rest time and connecting with other like minded women

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The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event host personal branding photographer headshot

The hosts

Kristina Pearl Photography


She has been photographing for 14 years with 4 years specializing in personal branding photography. She will guide you to capture authentic images that connect with your ideal clients and show you as the expert.

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The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event laura mak fit life yoga health and wellness coach host lifestyle outdoor headshot in nature

the hosts

Laura Mak Quist: Yoga Fit Life

speaker & lifestyle fitness coach

Laura has over 25 years in wellness coaching. She will be your wellness guide to reset your habits, renew your mind and recharge your batteries. You will leave this a weekend feeling like a new woman & with a plan of action to continue.

The Photoshoot

What types of photos can you expect to be taken at our retreat? Think the personal things that you share within your business brand.

  • Working at home, at a kitchen table
  • Journaling, reading, rest
  • Mediation, yoga, rituals
  • Outdoors and being in nature, also option for gardening types of photos

There can even be a possibility of client work, if you work with women as your ideal clients, we can ask one/all of the other ladies to join in and be your client.

Before we even get to the photoshoot day of the retreat, I will be doing a call with each of the 6 ladies who attend. On that call we will do a 30-45 minute shoot planning video call, we will talk about your business, what you need for photos, outfit ideas, props to bring and the spaces that we will use within the retreat's indoor and outdoor spaces.

The mini photoshoot will be around 30-45 minutes with me, I will set up the order of each shoot which will be dependent on what spaces we will use and what that lighting will be in the areas. I have shoot at the house 2 times for an indoor shoot and an outdoor shoot. I've got a good idea on lighting in the spaces.

Below are photo samples of what I've taken at The Secret Garden Estates. You can also see a blog post I wrote up of the Divine Pearl Soiree event photos I took outside. That was midsummer so not all the foliage and flower growth will be the same. Then the indoor group photos are of a photoshoot I took for the Secret Garden Estates, I haven't written up the blog post for that yet, so these are a little sneak peak of what we took at that epic photoshoot with 7 other business owners with varying practices. The ones of me were taken by my mom so I could get a few more samples of the spaces.

Additionally I'll be taking photos during the event and you will get access to those event photos as well, then you can share about your experience with even more beautiful photos.

90 Day Wellness Plan

Laura Mak has over 25 years in wellness coaching. You get her planning & expertise so by the end of the retreat you are more educated, elevated, and empowered for your own personal health journey.


She will help reset your habits, renew your mind, and recharge your batteries! Here are just a few areas you can focus on with Laura (but to limited to):

  • Mindful living 
  • Busy women’s wellness
  • The impact of visualization and meditation
  • Stretch, recovery, and invigorating methods
  • Groundbreaking small business strategies and productivity 

Before the retreat you will have an individual 30-minute meeting about your wellness goals for the weekend. After the weekend you will go home with a 90 day action plan to keep you focused and supported.

Additionally a month after the retreat we will all have a 1 hour group video call together, where we can check in and see how life after the retreat has been going.

The vision

The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event 2 women sitting in forest talking and coaching personal branding photos

We want you to leave feeling supported to show up in your business with a body and mind that is ready to work on and in your business.

The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event host mediating in forest hands on belly and heart
Imagine a weekend that is disconnected from distractions and focused solely on you and your business. Together we have created a restorative weekend for you and 5 other women to connect with one another, grow your business platform, and renew your daily wellness routine.
The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event host sitting on bed reading smiling at camera personal branding photo
The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event journal and pen in hand personal branding photoshoot

The Rooms

We have 3 private rooms for sleeping in. However, the Holly Suite does have a window nook that will be used on the Friday photoshoot day. Then since the Cherry Blossom Suite is the community room and in the evening time turned into a sleeping room, the Cedar Suite is where we will have ladies put their bags during the day. Or at least if they need to hang up any clothes for the photoshoot, the closet is really long in the Cedar Suite and plenty of room to store any items.

Beds are priced differently depending on which is your preferred sleeping arrangements. If you like a fully private room, I'd suggest the Willow Suite, so get on that asap. Rooms are chosen by first purchased.

The Secret Garden Estates Retreat in Stanwood, WA women event woman sitting in room with 2 cats personal branding photos

Do be aware that 2 cats do live on the premises