Co-Host Liz

Business owner of On The Eastside

Liz is an event planner for both community, friend making events as well as business owners. Liz will be the one at the headshot event greeting everyone, helping the session flow with the attendees and sometimes she will even help out and toss a scarf for the photos.

You can find her



business women behind the scenes of photos shoot of children's dance book author holding book with scarf being thrown

Quarter 3 Headshots in Renton, WA

Liz and I like to use different locations, well I should say I like to use different locations. Each location has its own pluses and minuses when it comes to locations, but also I love giving people different opportunities to use a location that is more on brand for them. Every location needs to be semi neutral so it can fit a variety of looks and I also like to find a place where I can create a few different looking sets. This has a bed set that I immediately pulled away from the wall and set up the couch set which would fit more business owners. We also had access to seamless backdrops and a decorated chair.

I work with each client to help them select the backdrop options for their business. If you're just needing more of a headshot look we will keep it simple and work on capturing different smiles and expressions. If you want to work with the other backdrop options and have brought props with then I'll add those props into the right background for your business. This is a very collaborative process, if you've got an idea of what you need then I'll help finish the vision and give you a variety of looks to choose from.

Just like with all of my sessions, you always get to select your own images from a proofing gallery. I don't want to try to figure out your preferred smile.

husband wife real estate team for lifestyle headshots in renton, WA sitting out a couch smiling at camera

Andrea & Phil

Husband and wife Real Estate Agent team

woman business owner and baker headshot in front of pink background in Renton, WA

Baker Heidi

Cascadia Cake Designs

Custom cake designs for the greater Puget Sound area

woman children's books author for Effie books headshot holding book in arms in Renton, WA

Author Jennifer

Jennifer Morhaime Books

Effie is a hedgehog who loves making friends, learning new things and solving problems. Join her and her friends on their adventures!

woman business owner web developer sitting on couch holding laptop for lifestyle headshots in Renton, WA


Gift Tanakan Web development, web design and web support

woman business owner home stager sitting on arm out couch of headshot in Renton, WA


Greene Designs provides home staging services

children's dance book author woman holding book with scarf flying behind for lifestyle headshot in Renton, WA

Author Terrel

Once Upon a Dance

Dance & movement books for kids 3-12

woman business owner, sitting in wooden cozy pod chair for headshot in Renton, WA


Do you need to update your headshots?

If you only need a few images and you're not ready to invest in a full personal branding session, these smaller mini sessions are a great start. Liz and I first release sign ups to our email list and then to general public after that.

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